countertop edge

countertop edge

Edges add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen countertops&bathroom vanity top and are a cost-effective way to add personality to your kitchen and bathroom. Beveled edges enhance kitchens and bathroom  with traditional décor while bullnose and half bullnose rounded edges complement contemporary kitchens. More decorative styles like the double ogee add flair to rustic décor.

Choose the edge that’s right for your countertops, islands,  vanity top, bar tops, etc. Whether you choose our standard eased edge, or want a more decorative edge like our ogee edge, the choice is yours. Selecting the right edge will help you achieve the look you want and compliment your stone and room.




Name: Straight Height: 11/4”, 3/4”

1/4 Round

Name: 1/4 Round Height: 11/4”,3/4”


Name: 1/4Bevel Height: 11/4”,3/4”

1/4 Round T&B

Name: 1/4 Round T&B Height: 11/4”,3/4”

Half Bullnose

Name: Half Bullnose Height: 11/4”,3/4”

Half Bevel

Name: Half Bevel Height: 11/4”,3/4”

Full Bullnose

Name: Full Bullnose Height: 11/4”,3/4”

Demi Bullnose

Name: Demi Bullnose Height: 11/4”,3/4”

1/4 Bevel T&B

Name: 1/4 Bevel T&B Height: 11/4”,3/4”

1" Bevel

Name: 1″ Bevel Height: 11/4”


Name: Ogee Height: 11/4”,3/4”

Flat Ogee

Name: Flat Ogee Height: 11/4”,3/4”


Name: Waterfall Height: 11/4”,3/4”

Double Bullnose

Name: Double Bullnose Height: 11/4”,3/4”


Name: Platner Height: 11/4”,3/4”

Design 1

Name: Design 1 Height: 2”,3/4”

Design 2

Name: Design 2 Height: 2”,3/4”

Design 3

Name: Design 3 Height: 2”,3/4”

Design 4

Name: Design 4 Height: 2”,3/4”

Design 5

Name: Design 5 Height: 11/4”,3/4”

Design 6

Name: Design 6 Height: 2”,3/4”

Design 7

Name: Design 7 Height: 2”,3/4”

Design 8

Name: Design 8 Height: 2”,3/4”

Design 9

Name: Design 9 Height: 2”,3/4”

Design 10

Name: Design 10 Height: 2”,3/4”


Typical Wall Vanity

Typical Wall Vanity

Typical Banjo Vanity

Typical Banjo Vanity

Typical Bowed Vanity

Typical Bowed Vanity

Front Apron

Front Apron

Typical Kitchen

Typical Kitchen

Typical Wet Bar

Typical Wet Bar

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