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When you pick up a material suitable for family kitchen desk panel, there are many aspects to consider: design, color, price, practicality, installation, the most important thing is the health situation.

Usually the food we buy from supermarket or small stores which may be has a number of pathogenic microorganisms or other pollution, so the kitchen appliances become essential in ensuring food safety. Kitchen Countertop in contact with raw food must be thoroughly clean, or they may cause cross-infection which can lead to disease when people eating infected food.

Technology and management of medical institutions released a countertop cleaning report on the latest research in St. Paul, Minnesota. The agency selected different material, did various researches, supplied the data reports for the food retail industry. This particular study determined the most widely used cleaning station panel: metal sheet, wood panels, tiles, concrete quality plate, stainless steel plate and stone slabs. The research results show that after flushing with soap and water, the anti-bacteria treatment of water and vinegar, various Countertop have different infections. For regenerating anti-bacterial, Granite ranks second which only next to stainless steel.

When you want to choose a soft natural material, it must not only have a high aesthetic value, but also has Antibacterial ability. Therefore granite is the best choice.

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